Monday, November 4, 2013

October 2013

Trying on Halloween Costumes... just for fun.
 Izzy, the Cheetah

Beth, the Witch 

Liv, the Witch riding the Horse

Daddy Daughter Activity Days

Annual Gardner Village Witchfest

He's my favorite... 

Ward Carnival
(I was put in as the YW Secretary the week before this. We were in charge of it)

Carving Pumpkins with my family
(This is a "tradition" I started last year. I haven't been close to my family for so many Octobers that I thought, since we moved back, it would be fun to carve pumpkins every year together....
And I know my Dad especially looks forward to it :)

 Em and Kolton

Izzy and Poppy

Liv's own little pumpkin

The girls

Lance...doing what he likes best.... digging out the guts

Whole Family Pic....minus the picture taker, Me.

Hallloween Night

 Izzy, the Cheetah

Olivia, the Lion

Bethany, the Witch

Happy Fall!!
Happy October (my favorite month)
Happy Halloween!!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

September 2013...NOT the best month of the year!

August 30, 2013
So after Lance was finished "counting peaches" in our tree behind the house he jumped backyards out of the tree only to impale himself on a T-post sticking out by the tree.
An ambulance ride later, surgery, a night in the hospital, 4 weeks on crutches, many stitches, and many prayers later he is starting physical therapy and hoping for a full recovery.

This is a picture a couple days after surgery. I had to dress the wound for a week. It wasn't pleasant.

This is what Lance saw after he slid off the pole and looked back.
His thought was , "Oh no...I'm in trouble."
It was a miracle he didn't sever an artery or break his femur.
He severed 2 hamstrings in his left leg.

This is the tree...and that bend pole is how much his weight bent it down.

Utah State Fair... with Grammie.

I didn't get a picture of the all you can eat ice cream tent because well...
I was stuffing my face.

Beth's 8th Birthday.

Beth's Baptism

It was such a lovely day. 
It was a stake baptism so she shared the service with 4 of her classmates and friends.
They sang a beautiful musical number.
Uncle Ian gave a talk on the Holt Ghost and Poppy gave the opening prayer.
Afterwards we had a luncheon at our house and then my parents, myself, and Liv went on a bike ride.

The Ferrell's
Beth's awesome primary teachers.

August 2013

What would the summer be without a little...or a LOT... of Lagoon.
After all... that's what FUN is :)

More of cute baby Phebie...

The Davis County Fair

Llama face.....

For our camping trip this year we went with my family to Island Park, ID.
We stayed in a cabin for a week and fished, hiked, went to Yellowstone a couple of times, and floated the river.