Tuesday, November 6, 2012


October is my favorite month. 
I think because it's the beginning of fall and the beginning of my favorite holidays.
This year I was able to experience a TRUE fall, living back in Utah.
Here are some of the fun things we did in October. 

 Gardener Village Witch Display
(With Grammy over UEA)

My little ladybug

My little gypsy
(or as Beth describes herself...."someone who just walks around and doesn't have a home")

My littlest ladybug....isn't she adorable??

Trying on the winter clothes...making sure they fit
Thankfully she likes them!!

Carving pumpkins with my WHOLE family!!
It's been so many years since were were together in October.
This was such a fun night!

Corn Maze for FHE with the Green's and Parke's
(It was a bit chilly....hence the red noses)

Halloween night.
Trick or treating in Celestial Circle
(Grandma Jensen had waited SO long for HER grandchildren to be able to walk around her circle for Halloween)

Like they must every year October and the beautiful leaves have faded into cooler weather and less color.
But this year we have Thanksgiving with family to look forward to, instead of alone or with friends.
So on to November, the presidential election, doctor appointments, parent teacher conferences, Disney on Ice, and Thanksgiving...

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